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If you want a Leupold riflescope that's truly unlike any other, consider our personalized laser engraving. Let everyone know who this riflescope was custom-built for, with engraving on the turret or even on the objective bell.

For a classic touch, add a three-letter monogram to the adjustment covers, or laser engrave your riflescope with the profile of one of the world’s most magnificent game animals, including elk, whitetail and more. Each profile has been custom designed for Leupold, making your riflescope a true work of art.

The laser engraving is performed in our Brisbane Custom Shop. Black matte and gloss scopes feature laser engraving backfilled with white. All silver scopes will be backfilled with black. The result is a crisp-looking engraving that stands out and lasts as long as your Leupold riflescope.

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Customers, who already own VX-III, FX-III, or Vari-X® III riflescopes with the signature wide Golden Ring and Leupold medallion on the turret, can now add the ultimate customization: 24k gold plating of the ring and medallion.

The brilliant 24k gold will set your scope apart, even among other Leupold riflescopes. It's a much brighter, sharper, richer finish, and it's just as durable and long-lasting as your Leupold. Gold plating the wide Golden Ring and medallion will add value while enhancing the good looks and classic lines of your premium Leupold riflescope.

Click to expandReticle Modification

Reticle changes
Interested in another of our reticles? Our Leupold Custom Shop can install nearly any of the non-illuminated reticle styles in any of Leupold’s non-illuminated scopes. Choose from four sizes of Duplex, two Leupold Dots, a variety of Target Dots, or even the Leupold Mil Dot and TMR reticle’s to mention just a few. In most cases, illuminated reticles can only be installed in illuminated reticle scopes.

Ballistically Matched Reticles
Leupold has 50-plus years of custom scopesmithing experience in building reticle’s that complement your choice of Leupold scope. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, the scope and reticle can be perfectly tuned to your rifle’s ballistics. The result is a custom, long-distance shooting system with astonishing accuracy. You simply provide us with the ballistic coefficient and velocity, or alternately, the specific factory load you are using, and our Custom Shop will do the rest. This custom reticle features ballistic compensation, with a 200 yard zero, and dots marking the holdover points for 300, 400 and 500 yards. We’ve also included reticle features for range estimating.

Click to expandAdjustment Systems

Adding target-style adjustment knobs to your scope is just one example of the adjustment dial options you have from the Leupold Custom Shop. We can install the dials of your choice on almost any Leupold scope (the Rifleman models being the only exceptions).

The Leupold Custom Dial System (CDS) will even equip your scope with ballistically matched adjustments. The combinations are many, and the choice is all yours.

Click to expandBullet Drop Compensation Dials

You know your rifle, riflescope, load, and ballistics like nobody else. Now you can have custom Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) dials for your Leupold riflescope. Just contact one of the technicians at our Leupold Custom Shop with your ballistics data, and we create a precision, laser-engraved dial that allows you to adjust for bullet impact at multiple range increments.

The positive click adjustment dials are made of aircraft-grade aluminium, with the appropriate ranges clearly and accurately laser engraved on the dial. Simply determine range to the target and then adjust to the corresponding mark on the elevation dial to achieve startling long-range precision.

If you’re a serious long-distance shooter, this is a simple, yet extremely valuable modification to your scope that will prove its worth immediately in the field. Long-range shots become more precise and more ethical, greatly improving shooting with practice.

Click to expandParallax Adjustments

Parallax is the apparent movement of the reticle relative to the target when the user’s eye is moved away from the centre point of the eyepiece. It occurs when the target does not fall on the same optical plane as the reticle. In a nutshell, it is the distance that a fixed objective scope is focused at.

While Leupold offers a broad range of scopes to cover various focal distances, even they understand your individual requirements may differ. Because of this we can custom set the parallax to just about any distances from 10-999 yards to suit a particular competition or shooting requirement.

Click to expandThreaded Accessory Upgrade

Back in 2004, Leupold changed the thread size in the eye piece and objective lock rings to allow a new range of Alumina lens accessories to be fitted. If you own a scope manufactured prior to 2004, it will need to be upgraded to allow the use of the Alumina Flip-up or Screw in lens covers.

If you’re unsure of the age of your scope, please contact our friendly staff with your scope serial number for assistance.

Click to expandCerakoting

Are you after a scope that showcases your personal style, a favourite colour or need to match a new custom rifle? The Leupold Custom Shop can make it happen! Choose from a massive range of colours to enhance the look of most new Leupold scopes or change an old favourite for a new lease of life.

Cerakote is an industry leading thin-film ceramic coating that is durable enough to withstand even the toughest challenges and applied by fully certified Cerakote applicators through the Leupold Custom Shop. All Leupold’s are stripped down, have individual parts coated and factory indicators are laser engraved to retain a full factory look and warranty.

Click to expandGeneral Service

Do you have a Leupold scope that’s older than you are? After all those decades of faithful service, maybe it’s time to restore some of its youthful glory with a fixed price service. You can now have your Leupold scope carefully inspected, inside and out by one of our expert technicians.

A General Service includes:

  • Visual and mechanical assessment, inside and out
  • Internal and external lenses checked and cleaned
  • Erector system checked and adjusted if necessary
  • Parallax checked and adjusted if necessary
  • Water testing
  • Re-gassing
  • Service certificate supplied

All this means that when you’re lining up the shot of a lifetime, you can rest assured that your faithful Leupold optic is as good as it can be.

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